On this page I want to provide parents with some practical information to help them succeed with their children. This page will provide links to websites that I believe will be useful to parents, articles written by me with relevant information for parents, as well as occasional discussion guides based on my lessons with students for further discussion at home.
If there is something that will benefit you as a parent and help you feel like you are winning as a parent let me know and I will be glad to find more information for you. Please know that many of these resources are not from a “Church of Christ” perspective so you may not agree with everything you read on them, but they still provide valuable information for parents. I will continue to add more resources to this page and I will make sure to contact you if I add something useful for all parents.

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Other Resources

Pluggedin: this is a site that gives reviews from a Christian perspective on movies, tv, games, books, and culture. This site is very useful to help parents become aware of the information that your student(s) are involved in.
Plugged In is an entertainment guide full of the reviews you need to make wise personal and family-friendly decisions about movies, videos, music, TV, games and books.
Parent Cue: This is a site of blogs that offer articles helpful to parents. This site also has a podcast and you can find their app from this site. The Parent Cue App is built around the number 936, the approximate number of weeks we have as a parent from the day our child is born to the day they graduate or move on to what’s next.
HomeWord Culture Blog: This is a blog that offers families cultural insights into what is going on in teenage culture. This site posts blog posts almost daily that apply to parents and student culture.
CPYU (Center for Parent and Youth Understanding): This is another blog that provides numerous updates on youth culture. This site also has a podcast that deals directly with youth culture.