Brett’s  Broadcast

January 14, 2020
Thank you for taking some time to read Brett’s Broadcast. It is hard to believe it is 2020. In fact as I wrote the date for this article I wrote 2019 out of habit! With the start of a new year it is always a good time to reevaluate things about your life and to set goals for the upcoming year. That is one of the main reasons for creating this short blog/article post about various different things going on with our student ministry and maybe even my random thoughts about other things along the way. Throughout 2020 I want to do a better job connecting with and equipping our parents here at Kingwood. I want to focus on walking alongside you as you help establish a faith foundation for your children.
Research continues to show that parents are the main influence in the spiritual formation and development of children. As a student minister I have the incredible opportunity to walk alongside you and your child(ren) and to be another positive voice and influence for them. In order for me to more effectively reach your student I would love to have a little information about the spiritual habits that you have with them as well as to learn where you feel they are at spiritually. Please take a few minutes and fill out the survey on the link below.
This year at Kingwood our theme is Jesus 2020: A Year With the Way, Truth, and Life. As we focus in on Jesus this year our student leadership team has helped set our student ministry theme for 2020 as Going Deeper with God. We want this to be a year where we focus on Jesus and take things deeper and grow spiritually in our faith. That is one of the main reasons for the survey listed above so that I can know how to help you go deeper spiritually as a family as well. One of the main ways we want to go deeper is through our study of scripture. We want to go deeper in the Word of God in 2020. Each week on Sunday one of our students will open class with our scripture of the week (a verse they have picked out that is meaningful to them). We will focus our week on diving into that verse and seeing how it effects our lives. I would encourage you to follow our student ministry instagram page (kingwood students instagram link) as I plan to post the verse each week to that page. 
Parents, I realize that helping your child grow spiritually is one of the most important things to you. I also realize it is one of the hardest things for most parents to do (I feel overwhelmed at times just thinking about how I am going to try to help Levi grow spiritually)! I want you to know that I am on your team and I want to do everything I can to help all of our students develop their own lasting faith. I have been at Kingwood almost three years now and I have been able to develop awesome friendships with many of you, but I am ready to take those deeper as well in 2020. I want to do more to partner with you and to be intentional about our students spiritual formation here at Kingwood. I am looking forward to an awesome 2020 and I pray that it will be a year that brings about spiritual growth and development in all of our students and your families.
– Brett
P.S. GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!